Our 2011 musical "Welcome to Komatsu!" takes characters from various eras of Komatsu history and resets them in the present. A joyous introduction of Komatsu and our sister city Gatehead, England. Come on down! We will do the show in Komatsu, London, Gateshead (twice), and Schwaz, Austria.   

Gateshead March 22 performance flier here

Sample songs here. (practice versions only! :) 

Cast and staff profiles here!  Meet the artist (below the poster!)

Our newest member is Kazu Mori, an interior designer and calligrapher from Akazemachi in Komatsu, on the way to Osugi. He helped out with art and judging in our 2007 Tengu show, and also contributed to the 2010 haiku musical poster. This March he will perform his calligraphy wizardry onstage as part of our show, and of course did the poster design. 

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