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OMT  Show History (reverse chronology)        revised April 2018


1300 Years: The Tale of Nata Temple (2017) - 7 performances - this show mixes history, legend, and fantasy in tracing the founding of Komatsu's most famous temple and its path to the present day. Presented twice outdoors at the temple itself, and then in our home theater. 


Yokubari Tengu (The Greedy Goblin) (1997, 2003-4, 2016) 40 perf. – our original story of how the Osugi tengu turned to stone. Includes performances in Gateshead, UK .


Bilingual Kyogen Musical MONKEY!

 (2015) - 13 performances - the kyogen play Utsubo Zaru (The Monkey-skin Quiver) and the Japanese folktale Momo-Taro (Peach Boy) are reset in 1870's Japan, featuring a lord on the hunt with his servant and a troupe of travelling players fresh off the boat from the USA. 


Radio Osugi (2000, 2014) 25 performances – imagining a fledgling radio station in our village in the 1920’s, complete with a radio drama, “Meyo and the Pirate Adventure.”


Triple Kyogen Musical Takara!(Treasure!) (2013-14) - Combines the kyogen plays Busshi (The Fake Sculptor), Takara no Kasa (The Magic Straw Hat), and Bonsan (The Bonsai Thief) in a zany and fun show of deception and the beauty of an old story by the monk Ryokan. 


Yokubari Tengu IV: Ghost Story (Greed Goblin IV: Ghost Story) (2012) -  honoring the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, we reset "A Christmas Carol" on New Year's Eve in old Japan. Tengu is Scrooge, and though the plot is the same as the original, the ghosts and other characters are from Japanese tradition. 


Welcome to Komatsu (1996 as Komatsu Internet Love Story; 2011) - 23 performances. A  remake of Komatsu Internet Love Story, with new songs and plot twists.  17th century haiku poet and a 12th century dancer – what would happen if they were young folks in the 21st century?!  Included performances in London and Gateshead. UK, and Schwaz , Austria. 


Kaga no Chiyojo Haiku Musical: Kokoro Yori (Haiku from the Heart) (2010) – ten performances. Introducing the haiku of a local poet (1703-1775).


Kimodameshi (Taro's Test of Courage) 2001-4, 2009-10   44 perf. – our second kyogen musical, this one based on the play “Bow and Arrow Taro.”  Includes performances at Yakumo International Theatre Festival and in Schwaz, Austria. 


Yumemi Chaya (The Teahouse of Dreams) (2008) 12 perf. – based on stories found in both Dutch and Japanese folk tradition, the tale of a girl who dreams that her fortune can be found by going to the big city…  


Yokubari Tengu III: Tengu Wakusei no Daibouken (The Greedy Goblin III: Adventures on the Tengu Planet) (2007-8) 15 perf.  Breaking out of the mirror, the tengu returns (albeit unintentionally) to his home planet, where all tengus are jolly instead of mean. 


Heiwa no Tori: Hiroshima no Issan (Birds of Peace: Hiroshima's Legacy)  (1999-2002, 2006) 53 perf.  – the story of Sadako and the 1000 cranes.  Includes performances in Hiroshima, Washington, DC (Smithsonian) and La Crosse, Wisconsin. 


Mangetsu no Itazura (Moonlight Mischief) (1998, 2005) 28 perf.  Two plays borrowed from the Japanese comic kyogen theatre are combined. 


Yokubari Tengu II: Modotta Zo! (The Greedy Goblin II: "I'm Back!")

(2004) 15 perf.   The tengu comes back to life, causing more trouble, only to end up trapped inside a mirror.


Lucky?! (2002) 12 perf.  – a tale of the Noto Peninsula liberally adapted and reset in the American Wild West. 


Uta no Sato - Osugi Okoku (Osugi Kingdom: Land of Song)  (1995)  9  performances  - a fantasy written around an actual old song of   Osugi village.


Community projects 


1) crane folding campaigns – brought 50,000 to USA in 1999 and 20,000 in 2006. 

2) Monster faces  - 1,000 children drew monster faces, which were displayed in our lobby for the 2001 Kimodameshi show

3) Tengu Art Project – 2007 to present

    a) space tengu costume design contest – 650 entrants, 3 winners, 100 more prizes. 125 fifteen centimete tengu statuettes  decorated and placed in 125 locations around the town, country, and world.

    b)world tengu tour – two small tengu dolls took separate trips around the world to a total of 11 countries, 13 locations        did school visits, rugby, parade, kept a journal, brought back souvenirs; these tengus and their diaries then toured       10 Komatsu elementary schools displayed in a trunk along with a tengu and world quiz. 

   c) World tengus – OMT has sent tengus to live in over 50 locations worldwide, on every continent including        Antarctica. 

   d) Tengu Picture Card Theatre our illustrated tengu story  has been translated into 25 languages and counting.

4)   Frog Haiku 15 translations and counting for Matsuo Basho’s frog haiku

5)  Chiyojo Picture Card Theatre – introduction to local haiku poet in English and  Japanese. 


School Mini-Musicals 


1997 – Moonlight Madness – Rendaiji Elementary, 150 students

1998 – World Journey – Daiichi Elementary, 40 students

1999 – The Tengu’s Fan – Shoto Fureiai center – cast 25, chorus 200

2000 –  Lion’s Picnic – Futsu Elementary  – 70 students

2001 -  Meyo and the Pirate Adventure – Hokuriku Gakuin El., 35 stdnts

2002 - Pickpocket Licenses – Noshiro Elementary – 70 students

2003 – Go Bananas – Hasadani Elementary – 30 students

2004 – A day in the life – Yamashiro Elementary – 120 students

           Kaguya Hime – Kinmei Elementary -  210 students

2005 – Guzu Legend – Iburihashi Elementary – 42 students

2006 -  Mitsumata no Osugi – Sugatani Elementary – 75 students

2007 -  My Kashima – Midorigaoka Elementary – 150 students

2008 -  Minomushi Ikki – Bungyo Elementary – 160 students

           Yokubari Tengu – Hasadani Elementary – 32 students

2009 -  Saegasa The Musical – Chokushi Elementary – 80 students

           Bikkuri! - Hasadani Elementary – 28 students

2010 -  Tengu and the Giant Eel – Miyatake Elementary – 35 students

           San Bon Sugi – Sakumi Elementary -65 students 

           Caps for Sale – Hasadani Elementary – 28 students

           Welcome to Komatsu – Hizue Elementary – 29 students

2011 - Ready, Set, Go! The Tale of Osugi Elementary School -  Hasadani Elementary – 28 students

2012 - Hasadani Cooking Show - Hasadani Elementary – 20 students

2013 - Let’s Go To The Zoo - Hasadani Elementary – 28 students

2014  Crab Pond - Waka Elementary - 25 students

         Three Little Animals - Hasadani Elementary – 25 students

2015 - Caps for Sale Hasadani Elementary – 20 students

           The Starkeeper - Ao Elementary - 50 students

           Shoto 50! - Shoto Junior High - 100 students

2016 - The Big Turnip -  Hasadani Elementary – 14 students

2017 - Hasadani Cooking Show - Hasadani Elementary – 14 students

           It's Sho Time! - Sho Elementary - 18 students

           The Very Hungry Hasadani Caterpillar - Hasadani Elementary – 10 students


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