Welcome to Osugi Nakamachi Gekijo (Theater)!  (built 1961)

Radio Osugi Performance, Fall 2000


Above: a scene from Radio Osugi gives a view of the stage and part of the house, taken from the loft. We lay tatami mats in the front part of the house, and set up folding chairs beside and behind. You can spot the piano and a guitarist in the lefthand corner of the house. 

Right: the view from the stage (!!)

Click here for 1961 theater program.

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Osugi Musical Theatre
Osugi Musical Theatre


Osugi in the spring  

Spring  in its full glory in Osugi. OMT's home is this former community hall, built in Osugi in 1961. It seats 120, and has a loft on the second floor with two rooms: a dressing room and the lighting/sound booth. On the first floor, there is a small lobby, a gallery, a kitchen, restrooms,  the house, the stage, and a green room.  


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