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  • The Osugi Musical Theatre  was founded in 1995 to produce original musical theatre at the community level. We also do family concerts, which are made up mostly of songs from our shows. We have performed 399 times as of November 2018. 
  • Both children and adults act in our shows, which are based on Japanese folklore, history, and theatre.    
  • Our cast size ranges from 5 to 30. Our shows are performed in Japanese. All of our cast and staff are volunteers.  
  • "Harmony" is what we aim for, not only in our music but within our theatre family, our community, and beyond. 
  • In 2003 OMT was awarded the top Ishikawa Prefecture prize for community development, and in 2004 received the General Affairs Minister's Community Development Award from the national government. 
  • We have gone on six overseas tours (England 1997, Washington DC 1999, Austria 2001, Wisconsin 2006, England and Austria 2011, California 2015) .
  • School musicals:   OMT staff also produces school shows, put on by schoolchildren in schools or public venues. Since 1998 we have produced more than 30 original school shows, many based on local legend.  Most are in Japanese, with some in English.  



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