See the finale of Nov 5 2011 "Welcome to Komatsu" at Hasadani in low quality video here

Fall 2004 - documentary about OMT - nice intro! in Japanese part one  part two

June 2011 - in English - Short documentary about OMT

June 2011 -  Community Theatre Weekly podcast

July 2011 - "Welcome to Komatsu" finale on Youtube

July 2011 - TV documentary about Gart and OMT part one.   part two.


2004 年-  日本語の ドキュメンタリー part one   

  part two  


OMT 英語の ドキュメンタリーこちらへ!  

英語の ポッドキャスト  (Community Theatre Weekly)


"Welcome to Komatsu" フィナーレ(Youtube)こちらへ!


OMTテレビ 2011/7

part one.   part two.


Our theater building

turned 50 in 2011! 

details in English here. 


PHOTOS of THEATER!                              PHOTOS of 50th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT and EXHIBITION! 

劇場の写真を見てね!                                                 {2011}   劇場の50周年記念コンサートと展示会の写真!

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