We are a community theatre group based in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan. We put on original musicals and concerts at home and abroad, as well as producing school shows.  Show history here

Director: Gart T. Westerhout

April 2023 -

starting our 29th year!



Fall 2023 show - Ari-Su in Wonderland - the classic Lewis Carroll story reset in rural Japan. October 7-15 at Osugi Nakamachi Theater. 

Welcome to our 29 second Theater! Link here!

29 second playlist. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgObVr6EXgi67nErneCuAv_IIHKxiSjCG

 Submissions can be about 20-35 seconds, no worries. これは 29 秒の動画のサンプルです。 動画の長さは20秒~35秒程度でOK.

October 2023 このプロジェクトは一時的に停止されました。 ご関心をお寄せいただきありがとうございます!

This project has been temporarily suspended. Thank you for your interest!




1) ビデオはシンプルなもので結構です。携帯電話で編集なしもOKです。

2) ビデオに顔を映したくない場合は、景色を背景にして声だけを入れたり音楽を演奏したり、歌ったりしてもいいです。

3) お気に入りの自然や街、街並みなどを撮影した動画であれば、それを撮影すること自体が創作行為なので大歓迎です。

4) 動画はどの言語でもかまいません。 5) 29 秒の長さはガイドラインです。20 ~ 35 秒程度であれば問題ありません。

6) 投稿されたビデオが100本になったら締め切ります。ホームページを確認してください。

Additional Notes

1) Videos can be very simple, and we expect most people will submit a one-take, non-edited video taken with a phone. That is just fine! 

2) If you do not want to show faces on the video, you can, for example, have a person or people off camera talking, playing music, or singing, while something is being filmed. 

3) A video of a favorite view of nature or town or cityscape is welcome, as the act of filming it is a creative art in itself. 

4) The video can be in any language. 

5) The 29 second length is a guideline - anywhere from 20-35 seconds or so is fine. 

6) We will stop accepting videos when we reach 100 submissions. Please check our website for updates. 



OMT 2020 YouTube Video Links

Full Playlist (OMT YouTubeチャンネル)  here


Please excuse grainy quality of older videos! 


1. Natsukashiya   An old poem of Osugi set to new music, from our 2019 musical "The Teahouse of Dreams." 


2. Stargazer Serenade - medley for father of OMT director. (2012)


3. Tengu Nose Ring Toss - a short old-timey b/w silent film shown in our 2012 musical "The Greedy Goblin 4: Ghost Story."

   天狗はなわなげ: 短編白黒無声映画、2012年のYT4;ゴーストストーリーから  

4. Kokoro Yori (Haiku from the Heart) - the finale of our 2010 musical about a local haiku poetess, set to slides from the show

   心より -2010のミュージカルのフィナーレ  

5. Welcome to Komatsu - the finale of our 2011 musical, filmed at our Hasadani Elementary School performances, all joined in! 

   2011年のフィナーレ -波佐谷小学校のパフォーマンス

6. Yokubari Tengu (Greedy Goblin) III Finale - 2007 in our theater. 

   YT3 - 天狗惑星の大冒険から (2007)

7. Windy Arbor - a song about the house in which the OMT director grew up (song and photos from early 1990's)


8. Behind the Scenes - Osugi Musical Theatre - a short intro to our theater, filmed May 2020 by Dana Stribling

   舞台裏 -OMT - 2020年5月OMT紹介 ビデオ 

9. Level Up - an interview in English about our troupe on Ishikawa Television's YouTube channel Spring 2020

レベルアップー石川テレビのインタビュー番組。 2020年春。

10. Osugi School Song    (closed 1980)



More videos to come!

2019 musical: The Teahouse of Dreams! (see below)

Direct from Nagoya, the incomparable KPB Theatre came to razzle-dazzle our audience in Osugi November 9, 2019! 

Back of 2019 fall flier below outlines our show history since we began in 1995.

Right: our theater in the hills of the Ish!  Below: a closer view. 

Sasaki Stone Storehouse,

OMT's second performance space!

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Osugi Musical Theatre
Osugi Musical Theatre

OMT Show Poster Gallery!     

August 2022 - Putting on a new show based on a Japanese kyogen theater story called "The Cow Thief."

Showdates are Oct 29, 30 and Nov 5, 6. Come on down! 


2021 news:  




Because of corona restrictions we were not able to practice regularly this year, nor put on a big production. 

 The links below are for 4 songs and two mini-musicals put on by the kids of our troupe. They should be viewed

as works in progress, but enjoy! :)   

Tengu no Tango. https://youtu.be/rFC55_6mgm8  

Radio Osugi. https://youtu.be/tjK-a17ciaU  

Beautiful Sky (bilingual) https://youtu.be/sb429kee4Qk  

OMT new theme song https://youtu.be/mZ5YdGacbVg  

Banana Girl https://youtu.be/bsDpUecMHI8    

Yoi Don - a Tale of Osugi Elementary School https://youtu.be/AvRZGB1d1so  

In December we held a live concert for the theater building's 60th birthday . :)   

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