OMT GREEDY GOBLIN CD Track listing in English       (recorded 2007)

(all songs by Gart T. Westerhout, unless otherwise noted; all arrangements other than piano by A. Fujita) 


Selections from Yokubari Tengu (produced 1997,  2003)

 1. Bring Us Rain

 2. That is the Tengu!

 3.  Chickie Chicken

 4. Samba de Osugi (by A Fujita)

 5.  The Tengu's Fortress

 6.   Kaminari (the thunder god)

 7.  Yokubari Tengu


Selections from YT2 (produced 2004)

 8.     I'm Back!

 9.    Hachibei's Song

 10.Together Again!

 11.Fried Chicken

 12. Let's Go!


YT 3 (produced 2007-8)

 13.Space Tengu Theme (by A Fujita)

 14.Welcome to the Party

 15.Osugi Conga (by A. Fujita)


 17.To the Tengu Mountain

 18.Welcome Home

 19.The Tengu Planet

 20.The Three Challenges

 21. I'm A Coward/Friends (with Rick Broadaway)

 22.Tengu Mushroom Tea

 23.Kyogen's Onomatopoeia

 24.Gotta Try!

 25.A-E-I-O-U (lyrics courtesy of "Rabbit in the Moon" park in Kaga, Ishikawa)

 26.Pin the Nose on the Tengu

 27.No Longer Afraid!

 28.Warau kado ni wa fuku kitaru - Happiness comes to the laughing gate


Bonus Tracks

 29.Gotta Try! (English)

 30.Chickie Chicken (English)

 31.Yokubari Tengu (English)


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