Tengu World Trip!

(Feb 2011 update - the tengus had marvelous journeys, and upon their return to Japan toured Komatsu elementary schools showing off their souvenirs and diaries and teaching the kids a little about the world. Now they are resting, but some of their brothers are travelling all over. The links below are from 2007, hopelessly out of date, but worth leaving as is until I can update them with a full report on their trips.) 

As part of our Tengu Art Project, we are sending a couple of little tengu dolls around the world on different routes. They will stay in each location for up to two weeks before travelling on and eventually returning to Japan to be displayed in galleries and schools with a map and photos of their travels.

They are  travelling these zig-zag routes:

TENGU 1:  England, Italy, Austria, Spain, Ireland, the USA, and back to Japan. 

Check his progress HERE!   

TENGU 2: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia,  the Netherlands, the USA, and back to Japan.

Check his progress HERE!


Why a Tengu World Trip?

In our village of Osugi there is a statue of a Tengu, which inspired Osugi Musical Theatre to do a musical about him. To tie in with our musical and costume design contest this year, we are sending our little ambassadors around the globe to spread the fun about a corner of Japanese culture. Upon the tengus' return, we can introduce the folks of Komatsu to the places they have visited...

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