TENGU 2 DIARY -  USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, back to Japan.

I left Japan April 29, carried by Tomoko and Yoko Omi to La Crosse, Wisconsin. I stayed with the Welches and the Neaders, and visited all sorts of fun places, including a Norwegian village and the Mall of America! More details and photos to come.

Next I arrived in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada circa May 18, where I stayed with Bob, Monika, Chiara, and Antonia Kowalewski. I had a great time visiting the girls' French immersion school and other places.

June 5 I landed in Wanganui, New Zealand, where I plan to take in the sights and study Maori culture with my hostts the Simmons family.

Photos below are all from La Crosse and environs. Scroll down for a couple of Victoria pix. 

Australia was great fun, and soon I will visit Holland.  More photos to come soon.

With my gnome-in-the-box pal!

Two photos below are from Victoria.

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