Yokubari Tengu [The Greedy Goblin] III: Adventures on the Tengu Planet 

Oct 6-14 in Osugi; Nov 4 in Yamanaka; Feb 17 in Toyama

Yokubari Tengu (1997/2003) tells how the Osugi Tengu turned to stone. At the end of the sequel, YT 2: I'm Back! (2004), his greediness traps him again – this time inside a mirror. The final installment of our tengu trilogy is set on a planet of happy-go-lucky Tengus who treat life like one big party. [Note - the Tengu Planet is not part of Japanese folklore, but our invention!] When the Osugi Tengu finds himself there, he cannot fit into the carefree Tengu Planet lifestyle. Enter our perennial hero Hachibei; can he once again foil the Tengu's plan to gain power and riches through treachery? The healing power of laughter is a focus of this high-paced, action-packed adventure musical. 

Flier shown at right; click here for larger image.   

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