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... a community theatre group based in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan. We put on original musicals and concerts at home and abroad, as well as producing school shows.  Show history here

Director: Gart T. Westerhout






OMT Show Poster Gallery!     

We played MONKEY APRIL 10, 2016 in NOTO! 

In 2015,  OMT played in BLUE LAKE July 6-7 and  SAN FRANCISCO on JULY 10, as well as in and around Komatsu between June '15 and February '16. 

NEW! Tengu story in Greek, thanks to Yiouli Archontaki! More here




6月21日に大杉中町劇場で公演、そして7月の初旬にアメリカカリフォルニアでの公演があります。その後また日本での旅公演を予定しています。アメリカ公演のメンバーは決まっていますが、秋の公演のキャスト・スタッフに参加したい方は是非お知らせ下さい。近いうちにオーディションなどの情報をアップします!Osugi Musical Theatre performs its bilingual kyogen musical, "MONKEY!" on Thursday, February 11 at 2 pm at Miyossa in Komatsu! 


Shows to date:

June 21 Osugi

July 6-7 Carlo Theatre, Dell'Arte International 40th Reunion Festival Blue Lake, CA

July 10  NOHspace,  San Francisco, CA   details here!  

October 4-12 Osugi

Oct 24 - Hasadani Elementary School

Nov 8 - Shimo-Awazu Kominkan

Nov 22, at Awazu Theater in Awazu Onsen, Komatsu. 

Feb 11 - Miyossa in Komatsu


This new show combines the kyogen play "Utsubo-Zaru" (The Monkey-Skin Quiver) and the Japanese folk tale "Momo Taro" (Peach Boy) in  fun and fast-paced Japanese and English. An English-speaking travelling organ grinder and his monkey encounter a Japanese lord and servant out hunting, and trouble begins.  The show is designed so that speakers of either language can understand it, with most of the songs sung in both J and E. 

Kyogen is 600 year old Japanese comic theatre. Most plays are 20-40 minutes long, feature few actors (2 or 3 in many plays), and rely on voice and gesture to convey the story on a setless stage and with very few props.  "Utsubo-Zaru" usually features a boy of 4 or 5, the son of another kyogen actor, in his first role on the stage.  We have made some adjustments to the story in order to introduce some other aspects of Japanese culture as well. 

"Momo Taro" is probably the best known of all Japanese folk tales, in which the hero, born out of a peach, goes on a quest to fight the ogres. Along the way he is joined by three other characters; in this way the story parallels "The Wizard of Oz." 

The cast for the June and July performances featured 7 actors, the fall and winter shows 14. 




OMTミュージカル“ラジオ大杉”の天狗パイレーツ&コドモ島の旗として使わせて頂きます!他に応募頂いたたくさんの旗は小松市のあちこち、そして劇場に展示します。期間は9/1~10/15です。Flag Design Contest Winners~!

2014年 OMT20周年記念公演           

4月20日(日) “宝"  みよっさ  

4月26,5月1日  ”ラジオ大杉” オーディション  

5月25日(日) ブレックファーストシアター

         OMT&人形劇 in  大杉中町劇場

7月13(日)  ランチシアター PM 12:00 

         OMT&jazz live in 大杉中町劇場

8月31日(日)  ラジオ大杉公演 金沢泉野図書館

                             PM 2:00   

10月4-13日     ラジオ大杉公演   大杉中町劇場  

10月13 日ディナーシアター    大杉中町劇場



7月13日(日)   12:00  

     ランチ シアター! 

 カントリーミュージック, バラード , 

ジャズ など   in  大杉中町劇場


       40人限定 予約が必要!!


July 13 noon in Osugi - Lunch Theater!

  Country, Ballads, and Jazz, lunch included.  

        only 40 seats - reservations required!    

                 call 090-1637-4560

(click on posters for larger version and details in English)

April 20 3 pm Triple Kyogen Musical TAKARA  

 Miyossa, Komatsu

 April 26, May 1, 7:30 pm  Auditions for fall musical, Radio     Osugi.   Auditions held at Komatsu's Daiichi     Community Center.

 May 25 9:30 am, Breakfast Theater in Osugi - catering by Metissage, puppet show by Puppetry Messengers, reservations required. 

July 13, noon, Lunch Theater in Osugi - delicious lunch, followed by Chelsea, Rick, and Etsuko and the Whole Tones American music concert, reservations required. 

August 31 - Radio Osugi musical in Kanazawa, Izumino Library 2 pm

October 4-13 - Radio Osugi musical in Osugi

October 13 - Dinner Theater in Osugi  


Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre  

I completed the physical theatre program in 1991 in Blue Lake, CA

Lincoln Community Playhouse

Director Morrie Enders is working wonders in Lincoln, NE  

K de Calle - I worked with this fabulous street theatre troupe in 1992 in Zaragoza, Spain.

  Flatt's By the Sea -  lovely Japanese-Australian inn in Noto  

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